Micky Mouse Clubhouse Toys

Micky Mouse Clubhouse Toys

Micky Mouse Clubhouse Toys

Wow! Look at all these Micky Mouse Clubhouse Toys!  Toodles, Disney Junior, Train, Baby and much more.  Fisher Price is "representing" with a large selections.


Disney Junior – Micky Mouse Clubhouse Toys

Took a while for me to see them all. But I did. I want to touch, hold, and play with all of them. Are there any toys that you didn't see at all?



Oh TOODLES Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Plush Toy

Oh TOODLES Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Plush Toy


It's about time Disney unveiled its follow-up toy to the coveted (and coveted) Disney Clubhouse. The Mouse House keeps teasing, but no one has seen it. Well, the Mouse House did show us a cute Mickey Mouse plush toy with a soft underside.
Not too big or too little It's definitely handcrafted with love and care, and it's of high quality. I really like the small grip on the rear that allows Toodles to "fly."

Disney Junior Mickey Mouse Funny the Funhouse 13 Piece Lights and Sounds Playset

My son is infatuated with Mickey Mouse, so this set is perfect for him. The figures and roller coasters are wonderful.

The roller coasters regularly deviate off the "track." The voice is NOT that of Mickey Mouse, and he says terrible things. The set does not contain Minnie Mouse.

Last Thoughts

As a long-time fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, I've learned to be skeptical of any item or TV show that purports to be suitable for children.

I can confidently state that Mickey Mouse Clubhouse provides a pleasant journey for fans like me who have made the TV program a part of their daily routine. It's a lot of fun for both parents and kids.



The series stars Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, and Pluto, and it focuses on engaging with the spectator to inspire problem solving.

According to Disney, the characters in each episode assist youngsters learn "solving a specific age-appropriate challenge employing basic abilities, such as identifying shapes and counting through 10."

Perhaps that's the real reason Disney chose toys. The purpose is to excite young minds so they can be challenged. But in the words of George Harrison, we should "Stop and smell the flowers on the way."


Disney Baby Micky Mouse - So Cute!

Crawling about is a really charming newborn Mickey Mouse Plush Toy.

Did I mention how much I like Mickey Mouse toys?

So now I do. I can't wait to spoil this adorable baby.

We also received the infant Chip and Dale for Christmas, and they are just as adorable. I can't wait to give these to Mickey Mouse since they're so fluffy and lovable.

I'm not sure if it's because of the size, the kind, or the brand, but Mickey Mouse teddy bears are the sweetest.

My infant will only enjoy soft toys.

Remember the baby toys we never got to play with because we couldn't open the boxes? I was secretly hoping that when we opened them all, I'd find something very great.

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