The Funormous Family at Toy Fair 2023

Funormous Shines at the New York Toy Fair '23 with Innovative Outdoor Bounce Houses


We're still riding the high from our debut at the New York Toy Fair, where we introduced a fresh take on outdoor toys with our unique residential inflatables. It was a momentous occasion for us — showcasing our passion for combining play with safety and convenience in kids' outdoor toys.

The Funormous booth was a vibrant hub of activity, with attendees getting a first-hand look at our bounce houses that are perfect for home use. Inspired by beloved characters and stories, our designs were a hit, proving that outdoor play can be both magical and safe.

Parents and industry professionals alike were impressed by the ease of setup and the quality of our products. Our bounce houses stood out as a testament to our commitment to delivering endless fun without compromising safety.

As we reflect on the success at the Toy Fair, we're excited to continue our mission to enhance playtime. The positive feedback has been overwhelming, and we're grateful to everyone who stopped by to experience the Funormous difference.

Keep an eye on our website for more updates and new releases, and remember, when it comes to innovative outdoor toys and bounce houses that bring the fun right to your doorstep, Funormous is your go-to source.


Here's to many more events where we can share the joy and creativity of Funormous inflatables with the world!


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