Meet our Founders

Funormous was started by two brothers, Arthur and Sam Bagumyan, who have been involved in their family business of manufacturing commercial inflatable attractions since 1995. For years, they saw many shortcomings in the consumer inflatables made for private use. It led the Bagumyan brothers— now both fun uncles, one of them an awesome dad— to put their years of experience into designing quality and safe inflatable toys.

They wanted to create residential bounce houses for children featuring some of their favorite characters and movies— with this came Funormous. Funormous is a residential bounce house manufacturing company that creates inflatables with families in mind.

With a combination of fun designs, characters, and the importance of play— We know how important it is as a family to find the perfect activity for your kids.

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Our one-of-a-kind residential inflatables are some of the hottest branded inflatables featuring top licensed properties like Mickey and Friends, Spider Man, Star Wars, Marvel Avengers, and more!

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We Inflate Fun

Here at Funormous, we understand the importance of play and how crucial it is to your children. We have designed inflatables made just for that, so kids can have fun, play safe and stay active.

These compact and hassle-free residential inflatables make it easy for parents to set up, put away, and store! We keep families in mind during the whole design process. We want you to have a hassle-free process from ordering to set up.

Here at Funormous, We Inflate Fun! Order your Residential Bounce House Today.

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