Pink Bounce Houses & Party Ideas

Pink Bounce Houses & Party Ideas

When people think of a Pink Bounce House, usually they think of pink inflatable castle.  There are many different brands, colors and styles.

The best thing about bounce houses, as long as you don’t have an inflatable structure at home, is that you can enjoy your time together no matter what your age is.

Shopping for a pink bouncing house can be something fun to try out with your family, friends or classmates. Even if it doesn’t turn out to be a pink house, having a pink Bounce House is a great excuse to celebrate.


Types of Pink Bounce Houses

Get your creative juices flowing and check out all these types of pink bounce houses!


Classic Pink Bouncy House

Quality isn’t great on this one, but it sure is cheap and can be found on Amazon.

Pastel Pink Bounce House

Here is a more durable commercial grade pink pastel bounce house for sale.

Party Ideas With a Pink Bounce House Theme

Bouncecoulture has a few great ideas for party and event themes using the idea of pink or white bounce house paired with flowers, balloons and other decorations.

So many way to use a pink bounce house in a party.  You are only limted by your own creativity.

Make a crafty guessing game: fill a pink bounce house with candy and get kids to guess which candy is inside.

Giant version: Take a house, fill it with pink balloons and wrap it with twine for a “tent” and fill it with candy.

Pink Pokemon party:

Have a Pokemon theme party, and make Pokemon food and decorate your table. Pokeball piñata.

Let your guests put on their own costume: Guests can don some pink body paint and get messy for the costume parade.

Got extra hats and boas lying around? Have your kids paint and decorate the regular ones for more fun.

Since pink is my favorite color, I decided to go big with this idea. See how these party planners (myself included) used pink as a color everywhere, including the invitations.

Check out our pink bounce house below:

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