Star Wars Christmas Inflatables

Star Wars Christmas Inflatables

What better way to celebrate the Holidays and ring in the New Year!  Star Wars themed inflatables and yard decor to show the world how much you love Star Wars!

Millennium Falcon Inflatable Christmas

This Christmas, may the force be with you! Show off your Star Wars fandom with this Airblown inflatable! Lightweight and long-lasting nylon. It has an internal heavy-duty fan, internal lights, ropes, and stakes. Simple to assemble! Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use! Find it at Walmart!



Stormtrooper Inflatables - Actually Cardboard

These are NOT INFLATABLES! These CARDBOARD Stormtroopers look ready to take on the renegades trying to steal the Death Star plans! This photo prop features two armed and ready Stormtroopers who appear to be on guard to protect your guests in case of an alien invasion during this holiday season.

Maybe this would be a great idea for an inflatable.  Buy 100 of these and have your own army of stormtroopers! 

3-Foot Generic Stormtroper Inflatable

3.5ft. Airblown® Inflatable Stormtrooper with Candy Cane | Michaels

Love this cute guy!


Standing 3.5 ft. this Inflatable is tiny compared to a real Stormtrooper but looks like a fun addition to Christmas decor. Although short, this is kinda cute.  I could see this as a nice addition to my front yard during the holiday season.

Star Wars fans will like this Airblown Inflatable Stormtrooper! This Star Wars inflatable, which is holding a large candy cane, is an eye-catching addition to your holiday decorations. The setup is quite straightforward. Simply plug it in, stake it down, and watch the magic happen.

X-Wing Flying Inflatable


7 ft Star Wars X Wing Holiday Inflatable

Now, this is more like it.  Standing 7ft tall and under $200 this Inflatable will definitely turn heads in your neighborhood. Just cheap enough looking, so someone doesn’t steal it, hopefully. 

With this Star Wars X-Wing Christmas inflatable, you can channel the Force in your holiday celebrations. The supplied anchors and tethers protect your accent against harsh winter winds. 

This Airblown Star Wars X-Wing Christmas inflatable provides a joyful, whimsical mood to your holidays with R2-D2 wearing a cheerful Santa cap.


Baby Yoda Halloween Inflatable

Wow, so cute!  I love the colors. Made for Halloween, This yard inflatable is illuminated by energy-saving LEDs and self-inflates in seconds. Simply place it in your yard with the accompanying stakes, plug it in, and see Grogu appear, clutching a Star Wars pumpkin!



Star Wars 50 Ft Inlfatable Obstacle Course

STAR WARS 50 Obstacle Course

Now if your really want to impress your guests, inflate this thing in your front yard and invite the whole family over!

This 50-foot-long Star Wars-themed Obstacle Course has a unique non-slip material that Magic Jump employs for safe water usage.

Piece #1 offers an Imperial AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) bounce & obstacle section with a tiny climber/slide and Darth Vader and Stormtrooper character obstacle pop-ups at the entrance. 

Piece #2 has a towering climber/slide unit adorned with a Millennium Falcon at the top and a water misting system that showers clients as they slide down into the entertaining U-shaped splash zone. 

It has been designed to be used in a variety of spaces including parks, malls, on grass, and much more.



Millennium Falcon Bounce House, Star Wars Inflatables | Magic Jump

At a $10k+ price tag, few fans can afford to buy this, but this would be one heck of a rental.  Imagine blowing the minds of not only all the kids but any adult would be amazed at this spectacle.


This Millennium Falcon Bounce House is an inflatable replica of the Millennium Falcon, the renowned Star Wars starship made famous by Han Solo and Chewbacca for its numerous adventures...


The outside of the Millennium Falcon bounce house boasts a thorough application of the real visuals of the Millennium Falcon's armored hull, while the interior incorporates classic aspects from the Star Wars films.

Passengers will see an inflatable Chewbacca as they board the ship, as well as an R2-D2 inflatable copy and a C-3PO graphic as they make their way around.


Star Wars Bounce House Under $500


And Finally, if you'd like to own your very own Star Wars Inflatable Bounce House - Here it is!  This is a super high quality kiddy bounce house to use Indoors or Outdoors! Super Cool!

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